Glass Ceiling: Institutional Gender Bias & How to Change It, January 29 – San Francisco

he Bar Association of San Francisco presents

Glass Ceiling: Institutional Gender Bias & How to Change It

January 29, 2016: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
MCLE Credits – 1 H, of Elimination of Bias Credit.

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Harry Keshet, PhD.
Keshet Consulting

The talk is based on new findings for a national study of gender and compensation.
• Billable hours, Origination, Firm Tenure: Firm Size: Evidence of Bias
• Gender Opportunity Differences: Men Partners Get More
• How Gender Bias Occurs: Origination and Compensation Suppression
• Gender Bias: Perception vs. Experience
• Approaches to Changing Bias


BASF Conference Center
301 Battery Street
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111


Program: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Event Code: R160011

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