Lifetime Members

BWLNC would like to thank its inaugural Lifetime Members for their generous support of the organization’s mission, members, and future:

Cheryl Amana-Burris
Rosario Bacon Billingsley
Deborah J. Broyles
Honorable Judith D. Ford (Ret.)

Saidah Grayson Dill
Melanie Gross
Honorable Brenda Harbin-Forte
Clothilde V. Hewlett
Ayanna L. Jenkins Toney
Honorable Judy Johnson

Valarie Kelly
Theodora R. Lee

Peggy Otum
Robin M. Pearson
Candice S. Petty

Beryl C. Potter
Linda Purkiss
Carolyn Samiere

Honorable Anita Santos
Michelle  O. Stewart
Tiffany Renee Thomas
Honorable Monica Wiley

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