Law-Related Internship Opportunities

Opportunities for legal internships for non-law students are few and far between as most legal internships are reserved for law students.  While most law students do not obtain legal internships prior to law school, here are a few tips for landing a legal internship and obtaining exposure to the legal profession:

  1. Work with your college career office:  If you are in college or if you’re a recent graduate, your school’s career office is a great place to start your search for a legal internship.  These offices often have information on legal internships and externships during and after college.
  2. Expand your network:  Join organizations and attend events that expose you to lawyers who may know about internship opportunities that would be right for you.
  3. Think outside of the box: Don’t just look for internships in law firms.  Explore internship opportunities with company legal departments, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.
  4. Explore Law-Related Opportunities:  Obtain exposure to the law through non-legal positions and internships.  Consider opportunities in law-related fields like Human Resources, Environmental Protection, City and State Government, and Criminal Justice (e.g., probation, police, or public information offices).
  5. Volunteer:  Look for volunteer opportunities with legal organizations that provide legal services to the community like Bay Area Legal Aid.
  6. Find a mentor:  Find a lawyer to mentor you.  Even if that lawyer can’t offer you an internship, she can expose you to her practice and life as a lawyer.
  7. Do your research: Research legal internship and volunteer opportunities online.  Consider opportunities offered by companies that match undergraduates and recent graduates with companies that offer legal internships and other exposure to the legal profession.  LinkedIn is also a great resource for legal internships.

Internship Opportunities

While BWLNC does not offer internships, we post opportunities to this page as we receive them.  Check this page periodically for new opportunities.