New Job Posting – Deputy City Attorney, City of Roseville

Accepting applications until closing at 5 pm, May 19, 2021
The Human Resources Department is accepting applications for the Regular and Full-time position of Deputy City Attorney I in the City Attorney’s Department. The normal work schedule is Monday through Friday, 8 –5 pm; a flex schedule may be available.
The City of Roseville promotes a no smoking atmosphere.
The City of Roseville (COR) incorporates the following Core Competencies as part of the City’s culture:
Focus on people: Develop and deliver service-oriented solutions that meet or exceed expectations.
Build trust: Ensure honesty and integrity to gain confidence and support of others.
Ensure accountability: Take responsibility for the outcomes of one’s own work and foster a sense of ownership in others.
Communicate effectively: Deliver clear, concise messages and actively listen to ideas and questions.
Collaborate inclusively: Build effective working partnerships, alliances, and teams.
Make quality decisions: Make sound, timely decisions and recommendations.
Be adaptable/agile: Change approach or methods to best fit the situation and effectively balance competing priorities.
To apply, and for more information, go to the website: