Bay Area Minority Summer Clerkship Program

The Bay Area Minority Summer Clerkship Program (the Program) is sponsored by the?Santa Clara County Bar Association (SCCBA), Alameda County Bar Association (ACBA), and?the Contra Costa Bar Association (CCCBA) to provide?first year minority law students experience in law firms that they might not otherwise be able to access. This program is not a recruiting program, and employers and students have no expectation of further offers of employment. The program’s most important objective is to increase the number of minority attorneys in the hiring pipeline, giving them a better opportunity in subsequent years to be competitive for second year clerkships and post law school employment. The SCCBA has provided ongoing administrative support for BAMSCP for over 20 years.

BAMSCP selects students for its program through an application process, which is based on writing skills and an interview. The interview is administered by a committee made up of Silicon Valley practicing private and public attorneys, as well as judges who select the best and brightest students. BAMSCP then matches students with employers based on their practice area interest. Participating employers then screen students to ensure a good fit. Placements are based on the mutual preferences of both employers and students.

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